Jay Walker Goes To Washington

For Jay Walker, cleaning chimneys is an everyday occurrence, but in 2008, he found himself on a particularly special rooftop: The White House. Along with a team of chimney sweeps from all over the country (and a Secret Service team), Jay Walker and his team worked to clean and inspect the White House’s 36 chimneys from top to bottom.

How do you land a job like that? By building a great reputation! Like the other members of the sweeping team, Jay was recommended for the job. You see, every two years, a team of sweeps is essentially elected to perform the White House cleanings. Once background checks are conducted, the sweeps travel (on their own dollar) to Washington for every chimney sweep’s dream job.

The Process

Over the course of several days, Walker’s team inspected and cleaned all of the White House’s wood-burning fireplaces and chimneys, using video scanning to check for damage or potential hazards. They carefully removed creosote deposits, and made sure that everything was clean and in excellent working condition. With 36 chimneys, that’s no easy task – but Walker couldn’t have been happier, saying: “It has to be the highlight of my career.”

The Perks

In addition to bragging rights and an unforgettable experience, Walker and his team were compensated with a view of Washington that few will ever have. When they weren’t overlooking the North and South lawns and the Rose Garden, they were able to visit the Cabinet Room, the West Wing, the Roosevelt Room, the Oval Office and the Lincoln Bedroom. When it comes to fringe benefits, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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